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  • The CC tapes have a unique one hand grip for each case size enabling optimal handling. Available in a variety of lengths with a 'Matt Coat' polyester coated steel blade. With a solid high-impact case of ABS plastic that is tougher than an equivalent steel case. Unique loop with added features and a mouth-piece with anti-wear function. Hole hanger for...

  • A heavy duty, open frame surveyors tape with a spade handle grip, which is ultrasonically welded for added strength. The twin mouth rollers, low friction centre bearing, long winding lever and easy-grip winding handle, all ensure that a smooth and effective rewind is achieved. 

  • A heavy duty, high specification open frame tape designed for the professional user. The impact resistant ABS frame has a handy integral ground spike, plus a tough, high impact polymer centre with low friction bearing, which offers a smooth rewind action. 

  • A ruggedly constructed, open frame tape which allows for any on-site debris to be removed during cleaning. The ergonomic pistol hand grip offers comfort during use, in particular, when pacing out. The Tracker can be offered with either ‘Tough Coat’ nylon coated steel or ‘Matt Coat’ polyester coated steel blades, both of which are manufactured from premium...

  • This exceptionally accurate, durable and reliable tape is ideal for the professional user. The blade is accurate to EC Class I and features a tough grey ABS case with a non-slip rubber grip pad. The easy-to-operate brake holds the blade securely at the desired length and the effective bump stop gives added blade and end-hook protection during use.

  • A high specification tape measure designed for the professional user. The tape is housed in a tough ABS case with a high quality chrome finish and has a blade which is accurate to EC Class I. The effective bump stop gives added blade and end-hook protection whilst the easy-to-operate positive lock minimises blade slip.

  • An advanced measuring tape with a multitude of user benefits, designed for measuring more quickly, easily and reliably. The tough, rubber protected case houses a blade which is accurate to EC Class I, offering the end-user the highest level of measuring accuracy available.

  • A compact tape measure which fits comfortably into the palm of your hand during use. The smooth rounded ABS case is ultrasonically welded for added strength and features a positive action side lock brake, which is easy to use.

  • The Fisco Road-Meter is a robust measuring wheel designed for professional surveying, highway and site work. The high quality construction enables the wheel to withstand rigorous use whilst the high visibility yellow offers added safety for highway use.

  • The Fisco range of combination squares are a versatile range of instruments that combine the functions of outside and inside try square, mitre square, depth and marking gauge, spirit level and plumb level, steel rule, straight edge and scriber.

  • A professional quality measuring tape with an ergonomic closed case design, featuring an integral hand grip which allows fingers to be kept clear of the winding lever when rewinding. The highly flexible fibreglass tape, accurate to EC Class II, has an additional PVC overcoating, which offers superior resistance to scuffing and marking.

  • The outstanding result of five years of in-depth research and development, the Surveyor is a high performance surveying tape with a whole series of innovative design features. 

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items