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  • Plastic tool case for professionals  Based on the design of the highly successful McPlus Alu family, this tool case category is a great complement to the range and will provide extra benefit. The cases come equipped with a bow-type handle and an innovative two-part hinged lid with elastic loops for spirit levels and other items.

  • Professional quality plastic tool box These tool cases provide both professionals  and discerning DIY enthusiasts, with a fully equipped  and mobile workstation.  Despite their compact dimensions, they offer  a maximum of space. 

  • McPlus Alu 17.8, 21 & 25 Both case types convince with their solid design. Column-like corners as well as the “armature ring”, for the perfect fit of the carrying case are the distinguishing elements  and provide great stability while having the greatest possible room utilised.

  • Plastic storage case Translucent or coloured assistants for many applications in the household, hobby area or in the children’s playroom.

  • Plastic tool cases with a genuine additional benefit Works real wonders to go: Offers abounding space – also for bulky tools – the  assortment boxes integrated in the top and the bottom feature many superior  Polypropylene,  2A compartment for small parts and material. 

  • Plastic tool cases with steel tension latches The tool box for the DIY enthusiast and having the features  of a professional tool box. 

  • The tool box for the DIY enthusiast and having the features of a professional tool box.

  • Tool tote tray Everything right at hand! This convenient carrier box is equipped with many different tool holders and organiser compartments for small parts – it is a smart all-rounder solution for household, workshop, DIY and leisure time.

  • Wheeled tool case with removable carrying insert Spacious two-part tool case with integrated trolley, an ideal combination for price-conscious DIY craftsmen wishing to enjoy the features of a professional tool case. The perfect mobile solution!

  • The tool case for DIY enthusiasts. High-quality and robust professional tool cases with low weight,  suitable also for transporting heavy tools. 

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items